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Life Insurance
Secure Your Future

Life Insurance provides long-term financial security, providing cash for debts, payments, taxes, business continuations funds, estates, etc.

Long Term Care
Insurance for Affordable Care

Private insurance to cover the costs of care for people with chronic health conditions and/or physical disabilities who are unable to care for themselves.

Disability Income
Financial Protection for Injury

In the event of an injury or long-term illness, disability income insurance provides cash for mortgage payments, rent, groceries, bills, etc.

Benefit Planning
Prepare a solid plan

Make sure the capital you have tied up in your business is available when you’re ready to retire—or move on to your next business. Leveraging your buying power with benefits backed by highly rated life insurance companies keeps your costs down.

College Planning
Find Peace of Mind

We work with families to provide a structured college planning approach designed to save time, money, and frustration. Unity Financial provides a logical approach to the process with identifiable deliverables.


Annuities pay the beneficiary a fixed amount for a specified number of years or life.